Our story

Summer of 2008. One of those hot days in the Douro Valley, when the grapes ripen for the harvest. We were descending the river back to Porto, after a day at a friend's farm, feeling the heat in the air and living the landscape of the river, curve after curve.

Suddenly, a phone number written on a gate and, on a climb that seemed endless, a breathtaking landscape that captivated us without the right to return.

Overwhelming, rebellious, and unique, this had always been our river, near the mouth, but we wanted to make it yours too, and nurture your memories with the house, the surroundings, and the well-being experience that we dreamt and designed.

Today there are almost 25 acres of a centuries-old farm, where the wine press, the mill, and the threshing floor are hidden among the terraces lost in the groves, the springs, and the stream, with the Douro, its vineyards, its trees, and its birds always present.

We wanted the house to be minimalist in simplicity, inside and out, hidden in the landscape, always green, always fluid, with water ever present, in peace. We wanted the crops, the outdoor spaces, and the terraces to respect the surrounding environment, venerating the ancestors who designed and worked them sun after sun, and offering the present ones the well-deserved rest, for body and soul.

We refined the experiences of taste and smell - by selecting the best restaurants and producers in the region, of movement and emotion - by choosing walks and activities, on the river, in the mountains, and in the towns and villages, so that you can enjoy them as and when you wish.

All because we want your stay to be memorable and to give you as much pleasure as we have had since that summer stroll in 2008.

Welcome to Douro Country House!